While N95044 is our newest edition to the fleet, she’s been “in the family” so to speak for years. Owned and operated by one of our own club members for 23 years (who is an A&P/IA) this little Cherokee 140 has been meticulously cared for and has just received a beautiful new interior. With avionics upgrades in the works including a digital audio panel, Garmin G5 attitude indicator and ADS-B transponder the Cherokee will also be equipped with a panel/Pivot mounted iPad running Foreflight. Simplicity is key in this airplane as it is our first aircraft in which members have the option to provide flight instruction to other family members. Easy to fly, easy to land and docile stall characteristics make this aircraft perfect for flight instruction, time building, or a cost effective local flight on a nice day.

IMG_4426 2.JPG
Cherokee cockpit.jpeg