To become a Standard Member, pilots are required to be actively working professional pilots and possess an ATP rating. Membership requires a fully refundable, one-time $1500 deposit, a 12 month commitment term and $165/Month Dues. A Family Membership, which allows ATP qualified family members access to all club aircraft and allows flight instruction/time building access in the PA-28 to pilots without an ATP rating, requires a fully refundable, one-time $2000 deposit, a 12 month commitment term and $250/Month Dues. More information about each type of membership can be found in the Club Bylaws.

*Members who choose to leave the club prior to completing the 12 month commitment term will have their return deposit prorated based on the number of months completed. Ex: a member who leaves after four months. 12mo - 4mo = 8 months prorated deposit. Member receives $500. Effective January 1, 2018 Rental Rates are as follows: PA-28 $75/hr, C172 $85/hr, C182 $115/hr. All aircraft rates quoted are "wet" (including fuel) and are subject to change according to the Club Bylaws. *Updated 05/26/2019


If you are interested in a membership, fill out the info below, hit the SUBMIT button and a Club Officer will be in touch with you soon to answer any questions you may have about our club.

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